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Trustful collaboration between our employees, customers and partners enables us to actively shape the future of the property sector.

Fiscal 2022

Vorstand Aareon

Changes on the Management Board

Harry Thomsen is the new Chief Executive Officer of Aareon AG. The other new members are Rumyana Trencheva, Chief Revenue Officer, and Dr Ernesto Marinelli, Chief People Officer.

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Acquisition of Momentum Software Group AB, Sweden

Momentum develops, sells and implements Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for property and energy management, and will support Aareon’s transformation into an SaaS provider.

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Great Place to Work

Aareon remains a Great Place to Work®

After its initial certification in 2021, Aareon again receives the “Attractive Employer” accolade in Germany as well as the “Best Employer™ ICT” quality seal.

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€ 59 million

Investment in research and development

Aareon acquires Locoia GmbH, Germany

Locoia is an innovative low-code automation and integration platform. It is the technological basis for Aareon’s digital partner ecosystem.

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New SAP® generation for
Aareon Blue Eagle

By switching to SAP® S/4HANA, Aareon paves the way into the digital future for its clients.

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Give Smiles

Fundraising campaign “Give Others a Smile”

Aareon employees grant more than 100 Christmas wishes to people in need, supporting charitable organisations in Mainz, Dortmund and Leipzig (Germany) as well as in Southampton (UK).

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What does "Future is a Team" mean to you?

Harry Thomsen
Harry Thomsen Harry Thomsen

Harry ThomsenChief Executive Officer

Rumyana Trencheva
Rumyana Trencheva Rumyana Trencheva

Rumyana TrenchevaChief Revenue Officer

Dr Ernesto Marinelli
Dr Ernesto Marinelli Dr Ernesto Marinelli

Dr Ernesto MarinelliChief People Officer

Dr André Rasquin
Dr André Rasquin Dr André Rasquin

Dr André RasquinChief Technology Officer


What’s ahead?

What does the future hold for Aareon? Members of the Management Board talk to us in short interviews about what lies ahead for the company.

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Q&A: Future Talents

Qualified specialists and managers are key to the digital transformation of the property industry. Since the 2021/2022 winter semester, Aareon AG has funded the endowed professorship in business information systems at the EBZ Business School in Bochum in an effort to promote young talent at an early stage. Prof. Heiko Gsell answers questions on the topics of digitalisation, data security and future trends.

future talent
Prof. Heiko Gsell

Prof. Heiko Gsell

Endowed professor of business information systems, EBZ Business School

Among his research areas are the design and optimisation of business processes using digital technologies, data management and analysis, as well as distributed ledger technologies and their application in the housing and property industry.

Q: Why is it important for students in the field of housing and property management to have a broad knowledge of digitalisation?

A: Digitalisation is playing an increasingly important role in the housing and property industry, for example when it comes to efficiently managing residential portfolios or minimising the costs of operating technical systems in buildings. Therefore, up-and-coming professionals need to have a basic understanding of what opportunities digitalisation offers and what interrelationships exist. This will put them in a position to engage in dialogue with digitalisation experts and make sound decisions that provide real added value.


Q: What does the digital future of the property industry look like? What trends are there in the area of business information systems?

A: The shortage of skilled workers is also influencing the future of the property industry. To keep enough workers available for creative and communicative tasks, standardisable business processes must be automated to an increasing extent. One way of doing this is to use distributed ledger technologies, which enable faster, more efficient and more transparent process management. For example, a smart lease can receive payments from tenants and forward them to the landlord’s account or activate restrictions if the payments are not received on time – a process that would otherwise have to be carried out manually.

Distributed ledger technologies

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is the term used to describe a data structure that is distributed across multiple computers and locations. The distributed ledger in DLT acts as a decentralised database that stores blocks of data in chronological order. The best-known application of DLT is the blockchain.

Q: More digitalisation means more data. What role do data management and data security play in business information systems?

A: Purposeful data management is very important for the housing and property industry in order to make informed decisions and organise business processes efficiently. As far as data security is concerned, systems and devices are becoming more and more connected and data exchange across organisations is increasing. Against this backdrop, data security is a crucial topic that companies have to deal with – especially since the processes involve critical infrastructure in the form of energy suppliers. It is therefore absolutely essential to assess and minimise risks and to work out contingency strategies and measures.

Prof Dr-Ing Heiko Gsell
(Photo: Andreas Molatta)

Q: In what areas will Aareon and the EBZ Business School cooperate in future?

A: We are currently working together on new measures to promote digital skills development. For example, we would like to intensify the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice. In addition, the EBZ Akademie is continuing its qualification programme for new Aareon employees to familiarise them with the housing and property industry. Through these and other measures, we provide newcomers with the necessary knowledge, methods and tools to successfully gain a foothold in the industry.


“In line with the philosophy ‘Let’s grow together’, we want to cooperate even more closely with the EBZ Business School and its students in order to promote the professional and personal development of future talent.”

Dr Ernesto Marinelli, CPO at Aareon(Photo: Angelika Stehle, Wiesbaden)

Partner up

ERP systems digitalise business processes to make them simpler and faster. But every property company additionally works with other specialised software solutions. The new partner system Aareon Connect now allows external solutions and services to be seamlessly connected to Aareon’s ERP systems. In this way, the individual systems no longer work alongside each other, but can be efficiently interlinked.

Alf Tomalla

“With Aareon Connect, we are strengthening digital interconnectivity between various players in the property sector – because the challenges that await us are best overcome together.”

Alf Tomalla, Director Partner Ecosystem Success at Aareon(Photo: Angelika Stehle, Wiesbaden)

More openness – more benefits

Aareon Connect is comparable to a digital marketplace, where Aareon ERP customers meet selected software and service providers.

Our customers benefit from:

  • Self-determined configuration of their very own digital ecosystem
  • Seamless integration of solutions – whether from Aareon or third-party providers
  • Future-proofing through digital transformation of business processes

Aareon Connect partners benefit from:

  • Less time and effort spent on targeting potential new customers
  • Needs-based approaches for the further development of their own solutions and services
  • Simplified connection to existing ERP infrastructures

One connection, many possibilities

Open interfaces ensure the seamless, secure and uncomplicated connection of partner solutions to Aareon's ERP systems.

The technological basis

Aareon Connect is based on an integration platform developed by Aareon subsidiary Locoia GmbH. The iPaaS solution (Integration-Platform-as-a-Service) makes it possible to develop standardised interfaces for Aareon ERP systems so that third-party solutions can be easily connected and seamlessly integrated with the ERP processes.


Locoia GmbH

Locoia GmbH, based in Hamburg, offers a low-code automation and data platform for the digital transformation of entire enterprises. With Locoia, they are able to integrate their complete tech stack by means of an all-in-one iPaaS solution.


Healthy Minds

The world of work is changing, and the Covid-19 pandemic in particular has accelerated the pace still further. If companies want to be effectively prepared for the future of work, they must prioritise the mental well-being of their employees. Aareon therefore provides a working environment that protects and strengthens mental health.

Healthy Minds

44 %

of the people working in the EU* agree that their job has become more stressful as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

*Incl. Norway and Iceland

Source: European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2022

Anne Dorothea Schröder

How does Aareon promote employee resilience?

“Only if we are healthy – in every respect – can we develop our full potential and contribute to the sustainable success of our company. An employee-centric leadership culture, in which managers serve as coaches for their teams and employees have more leeway to take action and make decisions, can have a positive impact in this regard. An equally important aspect is to raise awareness of the issue. With our current ‘MIND your health’ campaign, we are fostering an open culture that gives our employees access to the information and support they need to master the challenges of (working) life.”

Anne-Dorothea Schröder, Project Manager MIND your health, Aareon

MIND your health

Being mindful, mobilising the body and avoiding negative stress: MIND your health encourages employees to nurture their mental well-being.

Q1/2023: Mindfulness

Greater focus for full energy reserves

  • Meditation and conscious breathing
  • Restful sleep

Q2/2023: Movement

Physical activity to relax the mind

  • Yoga and stretching
  • Mental well-being through sports

Q3/2023: Self-/stress management

Better ability to cope with challenges

  • Resilience
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Colin Companjen
  • Sabine Vallenthin
  • Loic Cesbron Lavau
  • Heike Heckeler

What does mental well-being mean to me?

“I can’t control everything in life. But I can influence things positively – by making choices that help my overall health and well-being. Aareon gives me the flexibility to do this, allowing me to maintain a healthy balance, making me more resilient to life's challenges.”

Colin Companjen, Inside Sales, Aareon Nederland

What does mental well-being mean to me?

“For my mental health, I need a good work-life balance, meaningful work assignments and a team that makes me feel at ease. Aareon supports this by seeing the people behind the jobs and creating a work environment where mental health is not a taboo subject.”

Sabine Vallenthin, Group Application Management, Aareon Deutschland

What does mental well-being mean to me?

“For me, mental health is a state where I don’t feel overwhelmed by my tasks. It’s important for me to be able to take a step back and talk about problems with colleagues or superiors in order to find solutions together, so that I can fulfil both my family and work commitments.”

Loïc Cesbron Lavau, Revenue Marketing & Operations, Aareon France

What does mental well-being mean to me?

“Mental health for me means having the liberty to delve into other issues at any time – both professionally and in my private life. Being stuck in a routine is a mental killer for me. At Aareon, I can always work on new and interesting tasks, and that motivates me enormously.”

Heike Heckeler, Solution Management, Aareon Deutschland

Work-life balance

One of the greatest stress factors in the workplace is a lack of work-life balance*. To ensure a healthy balance, Aareon pursues a human resources policy that is oriented towards the real needs and life phases of its employees. By way of proof, Aareon has continuously held the “berufundfamilie” (job and family) certificate since 2008.

*Source: INQA, 2019

„berufundfamilie“ | Aareon Talent [German]

Open minded – #OneAareon

Newly created position for an inclusive corporate culture

Sandra Hendro

“As Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, it is my task to promote employee diversity, equality and inclusion at Aareon. This is an important topic that will become even more significant in the years to come. Aareon is taking this development into account and addressing the issue at a strategic level with the aim of creating a more inclusive culture and working environment.”

Sandra Hendro, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer(Photo: Christian Klant, Berlin)